Beyonce's dad jumps to her defence

February 15, 2008 7:44:08 AM PST
During the Image Awards last night, Aretha Franklin didn't address the Beyonce dust-up. She was too busy being honored with the Vanguard Award. But that doesn't mean there's nothing new on the subject -- because Beyonce's dad and manager is jumping into the war of words. Mathew Knowles says Franklin's criticism of Beyonce is "ridiculous." To recap, Franklin was upset that Beyonce referred to Tina Turner as "the queen" before she and Turner performed at the Grammys this past Sunday.

Franklin said in her statement she wasn't sure if it was Beyonce who used the term on her own or if the Grammy people somehow put her up to it. Either way, Papa Knowles isn't having it.

He tells he doesn't get what the big deal is. He says there are all kinds of queens and he even calls his wife his "queen." Knowles wonders if Franklin would have a problem with that, too.