Commissioner Ramsey participates in live chat

February 26, 2008 8:42:58 PM PST
Indicative of just how important public safety continues to be in the minds of Action News viewers, our live chat with Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey was one of the more successful we've ever done.

"I was very excited to do it. I've done web chats before, but never with a television station and never with this overwhelming response from the public, so we're going to be doing this more often, hopefully at least once a month," said Ramsey.

Commissioner Ramsey and some of his top brass spent almost two and half hours fielding questions from Action News viewers. (Click here to read full transcript)

Among the questions: Do you think that moving police from low crime areas to high crime areas leaves low crime areas with enough police?

The answer: we are not moving officers from low crime areas to high crime areas. Our redeployment only involves officers from special units. We will not be neglecting the rest of the city in our crime fighting efforts.

Question: I still think we need to get back to having beat cops. If people know that a patrol cop is coming around, they won't be hanging out on these corners.

Answer: I agree with you and the crime plan includes foot, bicycle and Segway patrols.

For Commissioner Ramsey, it was an opportunity to have a city-wide town hall communicating with thousands live on the web and it's a technology he wants to embrace fully.

"I think that text paging and text messaging now has become more and more of the day to day lives of a growing number of people. It's another way of reaching folks. You don't do one for the sake of the other. We have to do web chats. We have to do TV interviews, radio spots, have a blog. I mean, you got to find different ways in which to communicate," said Ramsey.

Ramsey also wants to update the departments own website. While he thinks the people running it are doing a great job, he wants to modernize it and make it more interactive with the public users of the site.