Brain fun and more!

February 27, 2008 8:54:03 PM PST
If you have been searching for one educational site that challenges your kids, you need not look any further.

There's no fun like brain fun and gives you plenty of that. There is plenty of room for your kids to grow into this website. The game play can be adjusted based on age and difficulty for users in grades K through 8.

Kids play and learn through interactive video games by visiting Shark Tooth Island or the Time Twisted Land. There's also a new attraction called Poptropica.

Satisfaction now!

Can't get no satisfaction with your cell phone or maybe your blackberry? There's a website that wants to take care of that. says forget being on hold for an hour waiting to speak to a customer service agent over the phone.

This website allows you to lodge a complaint or question about a company or product for free!

The draw to this site over similar ones? The companies are listening. You're not just getting feedback from users with similar problems, but 40 percent of the 2000 companies listed have responded to questions and complaints.

Family Fun in High Def

We suggest you take a look at This is a video sharing website that distinguishes itself from similar sites like YouTube in two ways.

Vimeo allows only user created videos that are family friendly, which means it is intended to get a parental stamp of approval.

Users must also register with the site.

An added bonus? Vimeo is known for pioneering HD video uploading on the web.

Useless Skills

Do you know how to operate a dictaphone? Are your rotary phone skills a little rusty? Funny how technology has evolved.

If want to get the full picture go to The website is a funny way of looking at the technological progress of the last century.