BB gun vandals target dozens of vehicles

March 2, 2008 11:59:42 AM PST
Dozens of cars bear the scars of somebody's idea of fun. But a BB gun is no toy and whoever did all this damage sure won't be enjoying themselves if they're caught.

For John Schick of West Chester, it was bad enough his wife's car was targeted, but for him it would prove to be a double whammy.

"I went to start my car when I noticed the side window had been blown out on that car," he said.

As it turns out, he would be only one of 84 other such cases being reported in West Chester over the last two days.

"I opened up the rear hatch of my station wagon and my window fell out," said Ray Ott.

Authorities in West Chester would soon learn they were not alone.

Residents in West Goshen, West Town Township and East Goshen were also reporting a rash of broken windows on vehicles, all believed to be at the hands of vandals armed with BB Guns.

"It's a senseless crime that targets random individuals for no purpose," said Sgt. Louis DeShullot of West Chester Police.

There's a clue that might help police capture the vandals. A surveillance camera at the Wayne Moving & Storage facility on Lawrence Drive off Route 202 in West Goshen captured images of the vehicle possibly used by the vandals. It's a silver or blue minivan occupied by at least two individuals who appear to be teenagers.

With over 100 incidents already reported in West Chester and the surrounding area, the property damage is escalating in the thousands of dollars.

Repair shops have been kept busy with the average cost of repairs at $250 a pop.

Anyone with information on the perpetrators is being asked to call their local police.