Can it snow if it's above freezing?

Dateline article| David Murphy|

Yes! Snow can still fall, even though the surface temperature is several degrees above freezing. In these cases (which are not uncommon) the air just above the surface is still below freezing and there isn't enough time for the snow to melt in the shallow, warmer layer.

But does this mean the snow will stick?

Not necessarily. Often, the snow will stick to certain surfaces like grass, but may have a harder time sticking to some other surfaces like concrete or asphalt, because those surfaces will respond more quickly to the above-freezing temperature. Nonetheless, whenever snow or any other frozen precipitation is falling, it's important to use caution on roads and sidewalks. It's possible that colder pockets of air are in place which can cause scattered freeze-ups. The temperature may also drop, which can change surface conditions.

---David Murphy

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