Champions on ice

March 3, 2008 4:22:11 PM PST
They're the area's best kept sports secret. Did you know we had elite level ice dancers that train right here in Ardmore?

"I don't think anybody knew that we're here every day, training hard," said Kim Navarro.

"I do understand how it's overlooked, but we're hoping to change that," said Brian Bommentre.

Navarro and Bommentre recently won the bronze medal at the U.S. Championships.

Next month they'll compete at the World Championships in Sweden as the third best team in the country. If this were an Olympic year, they'd go.

"It's not what we skate for everyday, but it's nice to be in a position where it's something that could happen if we continue to work hard," said Navarro.

The key to their partnership is chemistry.

"It's like being married without being married," said Bommentre.

Case in point, watch what happens when I bring up the topic of their African-themed dance routine, which requires Brent to wear a skirt.

When I asked who made that decision, Bommentre said, "Hers. I would never have walked into the rink and said, 'Hey, found a skirt. I'm gonna try it on. Let's wear it.'"

So now you know their names and their story. What nobody knows is just how far they can go.

"We're just trying to focus on how good can we be and push ourselves to that," said Bommentre.