Beach erosion project underway in Strathmere

March 3, 2008 3:55:18 PM PST
It's a "beachhead battle" of sorts in Strathmere, New Jersey. An emergency delivery of sand arrived Monday morning. The challenge will be to prevent more erosion before summer.Truckload after truckload of sand is being dumped and smoothed on the north end beach and a section along Corsons Inlet.

"We'll be trucking in close to 20,000 cubic yards of sand to try to rebuild the dunes and stabilize the area," said township engineer Paul Dietrich.

We may not have had major storms this past fall or this winter but a series of smaller storms took a toll nevertheless, threatening homes and streets.

Upper Township Mayor Rich Palombo tells Action News, "What we were concerned about is, is not only for the home sites here but for the infrastructure where it would ultimately come in and destroy the home sites, but then also have an effect on the roads."

Strathmere, which is part of Upper Township, expects to have a full beach replenishment project in the next year or two. The area along Corsons Inlet is owned by the state, which normally doesn't replenish its owned beaches, but made an exception here and is paying about 140 of the 200-thousand dollar tab.

"They're also reimbursing us for a second portion of sand we're depositing in this area that's owned by the township," explains the mayor.

It is still early, and some of New Jersey's worst storms have come in the spring. Officials hope the sand will still be around when the summer season begins.