Presidential whiz kid visits Medford

March 3, 2008 3:53:37 PM PST
While John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama focus on Texas and Ohio for Tuesday's primaries, one White House hopeful is in Medford, New Jersey making his pitch. 12-year-old Noah McCullough is currently seeking the Republican nomination for President... in 2032. Until then this Colorado-based 7th grader is traveling the country talking about Presidential trivia. He's already written one book about it and has another coming out in August.

Noah says "It's important to know our nation's history because we should be patriotic and proud of the country we live in."

Noah spent Monday at Milton Allen Elementary School in Medford dazzling students with his vast knowledge of fun facts about U.S. Presidents. Such facts as, "Lyndon Johnson bought his wife's wedding ring for $2.50," McCullough told the students.

William Howard Taft's most embarrassing moment? "He was 350 pounds and he got stuck in that bathtub and they had to use these construction devices to pull him out."

And did you know George Washington's teeth were NOT made of wood? Noah asked the class, "Guess what they're really made of? Hippopotamus skin, ivory, gold, and dead people's teeth."

Noah became interested in presidents when he was in kindergarten. He owns thousands of books about them and has countless facts and figures stored in his head.

"It's all just in there, says Noah. "I don't know why. I don't know how but I've read it so many times that it just stuck with me."

He's won over Oprah, Jay Leno and the students at one local school. 24 years from now Noah hopes to win over the nation by becoming a president himself.