State trooper accused in robbery

March 4, 2008 3:09:00 PM PST
A local state trooper is under arrest for a robbery at a country club.A routine robbery investigation took a very bizarre twist for Delaware State Police when it became apparent one of the alleged bad guys was one of their own.

"Mr Kim is an aberration to the men and women of this division," Col. Thomas Macleish said.

Hyunjin Kim has been a Delaware state trooper for two and a half years. A surveillance camera was able to take picture of Kim taken at a Walmart where Kim and a still unidentified man purchased 12 red pillow cases.

The pillow cases are believed to be the very same ones left at the Wild Quail Country Club on February 22 after a robbery. Sources tell Action News they were used to cover the heads of people playing cards.

According to court documents, three armed masked men stole electronic items and ten-thousand dollars in cash from the card players.

"Several victims of the original robbery advised that an off duty trooper was playing at the card game, and that this trooper, Mr. Kim was present during the robbery," Col. Macleish said.

Court papers reveal Kim fled. The court papers said, "He informed everyone he needed to leave before troopers arrived."

The investigators became suspicious once they recognized their coworker on the surveillance tape and their worst fears were confirmed here at Kim's house, where inside the black vehicle parked outside of the trooper's home, was a receipt from Wal-Mart for those red pillowcases.

Trooper Kim has been suspended from the force and the search for his alleged accomplices continues.