85 chickens used in prank get new home

March 6, 2008 5:03:56 AM PST
The 85 chickens released as a prank in Philadelphia's Northeast High School have a new home.

Thousands of schoolchildren a year will be able to see them at Fox Chase Farm, the district's agricultural school.

The Swenson Arts and Technology School oversees the farm, which gets about 8,000 visitors a year. Principal David Kipphut says the chickens have been tested and given a clean bill of health. Visitors will be able to see them roosting and laying eggs.

Northeast High workers came in on a Monday morning to find the hens and roosters flocking through the halls. Most students were sent home for the day, and the district spent about $5,000 cleaning up droppings and chicken feed.

Weeks later people at the school are still telling chicken jokes. An example from one adult greeter: "Why were the chickens on the second floor? They wanted higher learning."

Information from: The Philadelphia Inquirer, http://www.philly.com