Spring break ideas for the children

March 11, 2008 7:35:49 AM PDT
Rather than watch your children crawl up and down the walls of your house during their spring break, consider some of these fun ideas:Logan Circle is one good destination. The Academy of Natural Sciences offers "Ends Of The World," featuring the North and South Poles all in one room.

A block away, the Franklin Institute takes you inside the "Star Wars" movies. You need advance tickets for that one.

Or hit Adventure Aquarium in Camden, now featuring more than aquatic life. "Feather Ridge" offers a look at more than a dozen African birds.

What makes Feather Ridge special is that you can buy a cup of feed and make friends with the birds. It's mostly crickets and mealworms, but hey - they like it! The exhibit added a raised platform so you see all of the birds.