100 reasons to celebrate (times 3)

March 11, 2008 5:25:44 PM PDT
They celebrated 300 years of life in Mercer County Tuesday.The Morris Hall retirement home in Lawrenceville threw a party to celebrate the 100th birthdays of three of its residents -Theresa Russo who turned 100 in January, Elsie Harm who marks that milestone in May, and Violet Burtt who turns 100 on Thursday!

"Oh I always loved dancing, you know, when I was younger," Violet Burtt said.

Though, most say Violet has not lost her touch.

To that Violet replies, "Thank you."

"She's an amazing woman, isn't she? She's the sweetest little thing. She really is and she wants to party. She doesn't want to sit down," Mary Giancarli, Violet's friend, said.

A disco-dancing 100 year old? How does this happen?

"It's the care, the food, the activities, the entire staff," aminstrator Mark Sorrento said.

Elsie Harm's family joined in the fun.

"It's really cool she gets to live this long," a young member of the family said.

"I guess I'm just amazed that she had such a long and probably wonderful life," Carol McCall, Elsie's daughter, said.

Theresa Russo's son Larry told us what's kept his mom going all these years.

"Having fun. She used to be the life of the party," Larry Panebianco said.

That job appears to have been taken over by Violet Burtt who delighted and amazed the crowd with her dancing, proving to everyone that even though she's a century old, you're as young as you feel.