Soccer team kicked off field

March 12, 2008 4:08:33 PM PDT
Instead of kicking off a new season, the Brookside Soccer League in Newark Delaware has been kicked off their field. The league has paid to use the Brookside Community fields along Old Newark Road for 15 years.

But come April 6th, the teams will have nowhere to play as the new season begins.

Last week, League President Spender Dunkley received a letter stating that the lease was not being renewed. "We've got 300 kids signed up in our leagues from ages 6 to 17," Dunkley said. "With no fields and no home."

He has his suspicions about why his league players are no longer welcome at the fields.

"I have a gut feeling that it has to do with the make-up of our league," Dunkley said. "I mean our league, unlike a lot of leagues, consists of two-thirds Hispanic, low income, some inner city kids. So it's a little different from the traditional league which is middle class white kids."

Parents of the soccer players can't understand Brookside's decision.

"We clean up, we don't tear up the fields and the kids are getting exercise, I have no idea what's going on in their heads," said parent Larry Gillen.

Action News tried to get a comment from the spokesperson for Brookside Community Incorporated, but could not.

League officials and parents hope that other communities will be more welcoming to the league, and to the youngsters who want to play so much.