Matt and Michio on "Physics of the Impossible"

March 23, 2008 9:33:10 PM PDT
It takes a ton of smarts to become a theoretical physicist. It also takes a ton of smarts to be able to explain this field of science to us non-scientists.That is why it is so fascinating to listen to Dr. Michio Kaku, a professor at the City University of New York, frequent guest on far-out science programs, futurist, and author of many mind-boggling books. His latest one is called "Physics of the Impossible."

The book is a fascinating read. Dr. Kaku talks about the possibility of time machines, invisibility, mind reading, light sabres (yes, the ones from Star Wars), spaceships that can reach the stars, extraterrestrial life, and so much more.

In each explanation, Dr. Kaku classifies the possiblility of each concept actually being developed. You will definitely be surprised to find out how likely some of these things will be a part of our future.

Here are some of the questions we had for Dr. Kaku:

How are we as human beings so certain that our reality is, well, real?

If an alien life form stood in front of us and stared us in the face, would we even know it? Or would this life form be so foreign to us, that we wouldn't think anything of it?

What scares Dr. Kaku the most in this world, whether it be on Earth or elsewhere in the universe?

Is there anything he believes should not have been invented?

Does our technological progress make us less human-like?

Does learning more and more about our world conflict with religion, and make God upset?

Dr. Kaku's answers are flat out astounding, but also simple to understand (think of the late Carl Sagan's ability to simplify difficult concepts, and then put it on steroids!).

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