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March 21, 2008 12:36:45 PM PDT
I'm Monica Malpass with a look at some of the controversial topics we're tackling this week on Inside Story.1. Did Senator Barack Obama's Philadelphia speech answer the questions about the divisive remarks his former pastor made? How will it impact Obama's outcome in the Pennsylvania primary? And is he still electible nationally? Did it help Hillary Clinton's electibility? did her documents as First Lady help or hurt her cause?

2. Now that it appears Florida and Michigan will not have re-do's when it comes to their primaries, will there be a showdown at the Democratic convention? Can Clinton's camp get delegates to switch who they pledged to vote for, increasing her totals? Will the Obama constituency feel someone "stole" the election from their candidate if he doesn't get the nomination? Have the Democrats lost out on their chance at winning the Presidency because of all the in-fighting?

3. Should the Federal Reserve have bailed out Bear Stearns since it's just an investment bank? Or was the overall economy in peril? Should a national bailout have come weeks earlier, before top executives sold their stocks?

4. Is the cracked pillar on I-95 jus the tip of the iceberg of the dangers drivers are facing in Pennsylvania? Can Governor Ed Rendell get a highway and bridge repair package passed before there is a disaster? Will $700 million be enough to tackle the 1,000 worst bridges?

5. Should Pennsylvania switch from electing judges to merit selection? Or is that system just as political and fraught with possible influence peddling by big donors and power brokers? Last year's state Supreme Court race was fueled by $8 million in campaign donations. Is it time to change?

This week our Insiders are:

Urban Affairs Coalition Director Sharmaine Matlock-Turner, Former Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies, Attorney Ajay Raju, and Former Radio Host Irv Homer.

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