Saving money on groceries

March 25, 2008 8:54:16 PM PDT
Times are tight and 6abc is committed to helping you save money, so we're going to show you how to cut your grocery bill by ten to fifty percent! "Right here in my cart, I have two gallons of ice tea, some fruit juice marinades, pretty much just a little bit of everything," said bargain shopper Galen Bieber.

But this is not your typical grocery store. This is Amelia's, a grocery outlet.

"We are the TJ Maxx of the food business," said Jeffrey Good of Amelia's.

At Amelia's you won't find a meat department, deli items or even a lot of produce. Amelia's is more about center of the isle bargains!

Action News shopped around for eggs. We found a dozen for $2.99 at a local traditional grocery chain. At Amelia's, they cost $1.96!

"We're saving shoppers money. On a typical basket of groceries that you would pay a $100 for at Amelia's, you'd probably pay $145 or $150 in the supermarket chain," added Good.

Amelia's can give you a big bang for your buck because the marketing campaign on items has expired.

For instance, Breast Cancer Awareness Month has passed, so the pink label is outdated. A can of Campbell's soup with the pink label, however, is not.

"Perfectly fine date. The soup is just 69-cents at Amelia's," said Good.

Only a fraction of the items here are close to the expiration date, slightly post dated or slightly damaged. Most of the items are first-rate supermarket quality.

Amelia's has eleven stores in eastern Pennsylvania.

"It saves a lot," said one shopper.

Here's another way you can save big!

Local savings guru Connie Gerlach combines online coupons with coupons in her Sunday newspaper and weekly sales circulars for a savings of at least 10 percent or even 20 percent.

What's more, according to Consumer Reports, consumers who combined coupons reported saving an average of $678 a year!

Connie also likes to comparison shop using a website called It works by entering your zip code to find the best deals in your area!

"They'll give you all the different stores that are selling that product and the different prices," she added.

Another one of Connie's tips: Think about shopping outside of your traditional supermarket.

Connie said most of the time, produce and farmers markets have cheaper prices.

An example Action News found is local supermarket chain charging $1.79 for a head of lettuce. We found lettuce a lot cheaper shopping at Produce Junction. You can buy lettuce for three heads for $2 there. We also found Produce Junctions price to be cheaper on cucumbers. There you'll pay 1.25 for three. The local supermarket charges.89 cents per cucumber.

Connie says she also finds bargains at drug stores, so don't rule out shopping for groceries there.

We found a two-liter bottle of Pepsi on sale this week at a supermarket for $1, but at the drugstore CVS we found a better bargain. The Pepsi costs .88 cents with your Extra Care Card.

Keep in mind your purchases are being tracked and recorded when you join a store savings club. For instance, CVS cards are free. Every time you use it, you earn 2% back in extra bucks. Extra bucks are printed on your receipt and they're the equivalent of cash at CVS stores.

More quick tips

- Check dollar stores for chips and other nonperishable items

- Buy generic instead of brand name products

- Avoid pre-packaged goods or snack packs. Instead, make your own - that's always cheaper.

- Check the unit price. Buying in bulk isn't always cheaper. If you are buying in bulk, make sure you use what you buy or buy only non-perishables or stuff you can freeze.