Could a camera make you look slimmer?

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April 3, 2008 9:24:10 PM PDT
The makers of a new digital camera say it can make you look slimmer, but does it really work? Chelsea Ivsin isn't always happy with the way she appears in photographs.

"I always feel like it distorts your body. You look at it and my arms are really big or my thighs look really big. You don't remember seeing that in the mirror before when you looked," she said.

A new digital camera claims to fix that problem. Taking off pounds with the HP Photosmart M-737 camera is easy. Just click the slimming feature in the menu after you've taken the photo and the pounds come off.

Seven out of our 10 testers say they're impressed and like the slimming feature.

By the way, we bought the camera for $160.00 from the HP website.