Get some recall alerts delivered to you

March 24, 2008 9:09:31 PM PDT
Now we can all get critical safety updates sent directly to us. The federal government is offering a new free service. Just sign up and you'll automatically get information about child seat and tire recalls e-mailed to you or sent to your pda.

The government's new notification system focuses on child seat and tire recall information because historically less than one-third of affected consumers respond to tire recalls while less than half of affected consumers respond to child seat recalls.

Safety advocates want to make sure if you have a defective product, you know to get rid of it or have it fixed immediately.

However, after signing up continue to register your safety seats and tires with manufacturers. That way manufacturers can contact you with additional details and instructions.

Visit to sign up for this free service.

Haggle for a lower price

In the past Action News has shown how you can get deep discounts, free shipping and free gifts by haggling with online retailers.

Now in these tough economic times, shoppers can bargain for just about anything, anywhere!

Even big box retailers like Best Buy, Circuit City and Home Depot are willing to drop prices on products from plasma tvs to cameras.

"This is a consumer-oriented economy. Retailers need to get consumers in and start spending money. If they need to take a couple of dollars off the price, why not," said retail historian Robert Spector.

Retailers aren't announcing their changing policies, but some are quietly giving employees more latitude on prices telling them it's okay to give in sometimes.

The key for consumers? You have to ask for the discount and be willing to haggle. The more information you have, the better. If you can prove you can get a better deal elsewhere or if you're willing to walk away, you'll have a better chance at getting that deep discount.

Supermarket beer

Wegmans Food Markets has won permission from the Pennsylvania State Liquor Control Board to sell beer for on-site consumption and takeout at six Pennsylvania supermarkets. That decision has prompted a court challenge by the state's beer distributors association. It says the ruling makes a mockery of the state's liquor laws.

Wegmans was issued liquor licenses for six of its stores, including the one in Bethlehem. The company has an application pending to sell beer in Downingtown.

Pennsylvania law grants liquor licenses to retailers who sell food on the premises and meet certain minimum seating capacities.

Wegmans' supermarkets have cafes that qualify for restaurant licenses.