Car pins, seriously injures woman

March 25, 2008 12:08:08 PM PDT
A terrible accident late this morning seriously injured a woman. She was helping a deliveryman unload boxes for a family-run store, Dony Simon Plus, when a car parked behind her hit.

The accident happened along Ventnor Avenue near Washington Avenue.

The delivery truck driver told Action News that he heard a car's engine revving and the next thing he saw was the car, a four-door Acura, accelerating towards the truck, then hitting the woman and pinning her underneath his truck.

The Acura had been parked a car length or so behind the delivery truck. Rescue and fire personnel quickly arrived on scene and freed the woman.

She was rushed to Atlantic Regional Medical Center's trauma division in Atlantic City.

Other witnesses told Action News that an older man was driving the car that hit the woman and that he remained in his car crying after the accident.