Dancing principal scores with students

April 3, 2008 2:48:54 PM PDT
Principals will do a lot to motivate students, but Maple Shade High School principal Scott Arnauer has gone a step further than most. To get kids interested in last month's talent show Arnauer spoofed an Internet phenomenon called "The Evolution of Dance."

In a matter of six minutes Arnauer twisted, shimmied and discoed his way through decades of music with fancy footwork to match each era.

His performance was recorded and has already gotten almost 4000 hits on YouTube. (SEE VIDEO HERE)

He got a standing ovation at the end of his set, which he performed with the flu.

"I was like blown away and I was exhausted, so I smiled waved and got off stage to recover," he said.

Typically kids don't think of their principal as "cool" but Mr. Arnauer's fancy footwork has won him lots of fans.

"I loved it because I wouldn't think he would do that," said Melanie McConkey.

"He's amazing. Everyone loved it and all the kids were like this is a great principal," said Ashleigh Kingsmore.

"Absolutely hilarious. It's cool to see somebody older actually get up there and do something like that," said Victoria Widener.

For the record, Mr. Arnauer is 38 and not worried that doing the worm will stop kids from taking him seriously.

"If the students have a connection with you and know you take their education serious and know you care about them as people, grades, their behavior and social development -- if you have that respect you can pretty much be as silly as you want," said Arnauer.

It paid off. The show was sold out and raised $2000 for charity. This is one principal who really does have all the right moves.