5 teens charged in fatal subway attack

April 3, 2008 9:14:29 AM PDT
Police say four teens have been charged today in the deadly SEPTA attack that claimed the life of a Center City coffee shop manager.Capt. Mike Costello of Philadelphia Police told reporters on Wednesday, "We have no reason why this occurred. No robbery took place, despite speculation, there is no indication this was a hate crime. We can't explain it."

Charged today were:

  • Ameer Best, 17, of the 2000 block of North 24th Street
  • Arthor Alston, 16, of the 800 block of West Fisher Street
  • Rasheem Bell, 16, of the 4700 Tampa Street
  • Nashir Fisher, 16, of the 3500 North Marvine Street

    It was a week ago today that 36-year-old Sean Conroy was attacked at the subway platform at 13th and Market. Investigators say last Wednesday the boys skipped school at Simon Gratz High School and attacked Conroy on an underground SEPTA platform. Police say they kicked and punched him until Conroy suffered a fatal asthma attack.

    Police immediately grabbed and arrested 16-year-old Kinta Stanton. Since then police have been looking for Stanton's alleged accomplices.

    This morning, police fanned out across the city, picking up 4 other suspects either at their homes or on the street. They were brought to police headquarters, where they were questioned throughout the day.

    Police sources tell Action News that the suspects spoke freely - some of them pointing the finger at each other. But all are admitting their involvement and that they were there when Sean Conroy was beaten and killed. They say they singled out Conroy, not to rob him, but because the attack would be fun.

    All five have been charged with murder and conspiracy.

    A sixth suspect remains at large.