New Jersey likely to keep House seats

April 8, 2008 5:53:55 PM PDT
A new study shows New Jersey is likely to keep its 13 seats in the House of Representatives even though the Garden State is losing residents. The analysis by Ernest Reock Jr. of Rutgers University concludes that New Jersey will hang on to its current level of representation, but barely, when the congressional map is redrawn after the 2010 census.

Reock concluded the population loss won't be enough to change the representation.

The Garden State lost 72,500 residents in 2006.

However, the geography of the state's 13 congressional districts and 40 legislative districts is likely to change.

Congressional districts in central and south Jersey are likely to shrink, he says, and north Jersey could lose a state legislative district to another region.

New Jersey lost a House member to another state in 1990.