Police: pregnant teen slipped cow hormones

April 15, 2008 7:49:58 AM PDT
State police in Blair County say they are investigating an alleged assault on an unborn child after a pregnant 17-year-old girl was slipped a cow hormone in her drink.

Police say they think the hormone ProstaMate was put into the girl's drink by suspects intending to abort the unborn baby. The girl was given the drink late last month at a Blair County high school.

The pregnant girl's mother says doctors have told them the substance wouldn't hurt the girl but could abort the fetus.

Farmers give ProstaMate to cows in the breeding process to bring all cows in heat at the same time.

No charges have been filed. State police say a bottle of the hormone was stolen from an area farmer around the same time.

Information from The Altoona Mirror: http://www.altoonamirror.com/