Clinton, Obama on the War in Iraq

April 16, 2008 3:28:12 PM PDT
All this week we will be taking a closer look at where Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama stand on crucial issues.Ending the war is a major issue with Democrats. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama say they'd withdraw troops by sometime in 2010 and leave a protective force in the region. Here's where they stand apart.

The difference is how they'd go about it. Obama would start pulling brigades out as soon as he takes office.

"We will have been in there for seven years by the time I pull out American troops. That is not precipitous," Senator Obama said.

Clinton argues Obama is hasty and says she would first give her defense and security administration two months to plan.

"We will be doing it carefully and responsibly. You don't just wake up in the morning on day one and say bring people home. You've got to plan it," Senator Clinton said.

And what if there is new or top-security clearance information revealed only after the election that goes against these candidate's ideas?

Obama doesn't expect intelligence he won't already know. He says it wouldn't change his mind that added time and effort can't fix the mess in Iraq.

"We can't keep doubling down on the same mistakes over and over again. At some point we've got to make some clear decisions about how we reprioritize," Senator Obama said.

Clinton says such possibilities are why she wants to give herself a short window to plan.

"Until you're in the vortex you can't imagine. One of the most important characteristics of a president is to be always open to new information," Senator Clinton said.

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