Officer makes boy's dream come true

April 17, 2008 4:28:15 PM PDT
It's not uncommon for police officers to go above and beyond the call of duty, but one officer in Bethel Township, Delaware County is proving to be a true officer and a gentleman.Almost immediately after learning that young Evan Nickle had cancer, Bethel police officer Brian Rowe decided to pay him a visit.

"My heart goes out to him, it really does," Officer Rowe said.

Evan's grandmother told Officer Rowe about his fascination with police officers' cars and anything to do with law enforcement.

Officer Rowe took Evan and his family to visit the Upper Chichister Police Station.

Evan suffers from stage four rhabdomyosarcoma, a muscle based cancer that very rarely appears on the patient's internal organs. It was found on Evan's large intestine.

Evan's father Damon said he took his son to the doctor for a stomach ache and later that same day he knew Evan had cancer.

Evan has had two surgeries and recently became eligible for the Make A Wish program.

Kim Nickle told her son he could go anywhere and have anything he wanted and he chose to go to jail.

Officer Rowe, who is also a Delaware County deputy sheriff, visits Evan often, and so do several of his colleagues.

"It's an opportunity to give back and that's what the job is, helping people," Officer Rowe said.

Evan will continue chemotherapy rounds until December; he will also begin radiation treatment soon, but he is resilient.

After all, one day, Evan is going to be a cop.