DNA shows remains are missing mother

April 18, 2008 6:04:22 PM PDT
Skeletal remains found in a Staten Island pond are those of a young mother missing since last June, DNA analysis shows. The Mercer County Prosecutor's Office released the test results Friday, nearly a month after a neck to torso skeleton was found there by police divers. Prosecutors say the remains are those of Amy Giordano, a single mom from Hightstown whose married lover has been charged with her murder.

Authorities were led to the pond on Easter Sunday by a friend of murder suspect Rosario DiGirolamo. DiGirolamo, 33, is in a Mercer County jail on $1 million bail. The friend, John Russo Jr., has been charged with evidence tampering.

Authorities say DiGirolamo hit Giordano over the head and chopped up her body with a hacksaw after killing her. He then drove their 11-month-old to a Delaware hospital, where he abandoned the boy in a parking lot because he could no longer afford to support two households.

He was living with his wife and toddler while carrying on an extended affair with Giordano, 27.

DiGirolamo's lawyer said his client denies any involvement in the disappearance of Giordano.

Giordano disappeared June 7 after shopping for groceries with DiGirolamo and the baby. Her cigarettes, purse and ID were later found inside her apartment, but there was no trace of the woman until authorities were led to the pond.

A suitcase found near the remains contained photographs of the child, authorities have said.

The DNA results come the day a relative of the suspect was given initial approval to adopt the child.

Delaware Adoption chief Frank Perfinski said Annalisa Guidice of New York could have custody of Michael Sean DiGirolamo within a month, pending a study of the suitability of her household.

Guidice filed a petition in February to terminate Giordano's parental rights. Only blood relatives are permitted to file such petitions in Delaware Family Court, but it's not clear how Guidice is related to DiGirolamo.

Perfinski says the state has not received inquiries from blood relatives of Giordano, who was adopted when she was three months old.