Fumo released statement on comments

April 30, 2008 12:35:10 PM PDT
State Senate Vince Fumo released a statement regarding his comments on slavery.

I was obviously exaggerating to make a point, that just because a legislative body takes away the rights of some citizens by majority vote, that doesn't legitimize it. If a majority would vote to approve slavery - as was done once in this country - that wouldn't make it right.

Gay people are now facing the very real prospect of losing important rights if Senate Bill 1250 is approved. I believe that even if it passes with a majority vote, it is still discriminatory and offensive. The reason we have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights is to protect all citizens permanently from the current opinion of the majority.

I wanted people at the hearing to face the fact that the denying human rights to any group, including homosexuals, at any point in our history, including in 2008, is wrong.