Liczbinski's family attends memorial

May 5, 2008 8:54:08 PM PDT
It has been an excruciating day for residents and certainly Sgt. Liczbinski's family who arrived at his memorial Monday with their other family... the Philadelphia Police Department. One man said Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski's last words were that he loved his wife and children. Monday night his family stood together at the very spot where an armed criminal made sure the father of three would never be able to say those words again.

Commissioner Ramsey had his arm around a young family member. They all had a heavy padding of support from the dozens of people who visited the memorial on the corner of Almond and Schiller.

The family embraced and gave thanks to the men who were there for Sgt. Liczbinski after he was shot, covering him with towels trying to stop the bleeding.

His family left the memorial... to this a round of applause.

Later a prayer followed the arrival of the Polish American String Band who marched to the memorial from I-95 and Allegany Avenue. Mayor Nutter stood by the sides of two of the members as they laid a wreath in front of the white tent. The mayor also consoled police officers and residents who witnessed Sgt. Liczbinski's killing.

Liczbinski, a father of three, would have turned 40 on Tuesday.