Mother's Day on a budget

May 10, 2008 4:13:34 PM PDT
Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and with rising prices for just about everything these days, many folks are altering their plans on how they pay tribute to mom. Like much else with this economy there are mixed signals about mother's day spending. At South Street Florists they are anticipating a soft market, less traffic than past years.

Atiq Ebady says, "Here at South Street Florists for instance last year compared to this year we probably took about a 40-percent drop."

At one open air flower market in South Philadelphia there were similar concerns. Vendor Joe Manuel tells us, "I think they're spending less because of the economy."

Mother's Day is a big day for restaurants. At Bridget Foy's the computerized reservation system is brimming. Evidence the economy is not having a big impact according to the eatery's name sake.

At a near by Kildares, where mom's first Guinness will be free at Sunday's brunch, business is brisk. Restaurant manager Colleen Lamb says they're getting the opposite effect that the florists have seen - bringing in more patrons for brunch than last year.

Consumers are providing a variety of answers. Many bought flowers, but instead of going to brunch are going to stay home and cook for mom. But others say despite tight times... well, mom is mom.

Many of those said not cutting back on mom concede the economy is very much on their minds. With gasoline pushing 4-dollars and heading higher, they are looking for ways to economize elsewhere.