Tuned In to The Color Karma

Here is their biography from their my space page. "We are a funk rock jam band / alterative style band that was formed back in early 2005. Our sound and style is very similar to the sound of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Early Primus. Because we have been playing together for so long, we have a natural Chemistry that gives us a tight sound and an unbeatable live show full of energy. Our band is composed of Jon Macgregor on lead vocals and guitar, Matt Rogers-boards and lead guitar, Ian Bainbridge on basses and back round vocals, and Mike Ketchen on drums and percussion. We also have horn players who join us on stage for most shows. They are John Maurer on Trumpet, Caitlin Gormley on Alto Sax, and Steve Young on Bari Sax. We hope that you enjoy our songs and our sound. WE hope that we can share this gift that we have received and make you guys smile."

Please enjoy the performance video from their show at The Khyber

You are now Tuned In to The Color Karma

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