Uproar follows student's turban set afire

May 12, 2008 12:45:06 PM PDT
Police in a Mercer County town say they are investigating a report that a high school student lit afire the turban worn by a Sikh student. A group representing Sikhs is calling for a full investigation and asking for Highstown High School to do more to combat discrimination against followers of the religion.

The Sikh Coalition says the fire was lit on May 5 during a fire drill. While the Sikh student - one of only two in the school who wear a turban - was talking with a friend, someone lit his headgear. The alleged victim put out the fire before any physical damage was done.

But the New York-based coalition says the school should hold an assembly, publish a news letter article and require classroom discussions about the alleged incident.

No charges have been filed.