SPCA: Runaway horse is pregnant

May 12, 2008 1:07:32 PM PDT
Princess is one lucky horse. After being hit by cars in Germantown she suffered no fractures... and tests show she is pregnant! An ultrasound performed by veterinarians at the Pennsylvania SPCA determined that the six-year-old mare is approximately three-to-four months pregnant.

PSPCA Director of Animal Health Dr. Ravi Murarka says, "If all goes well, she will deliver her foal in December... We will continue to treat her injuries and monitor the progress of Princess and the baby. We anticipate a complete recovery."

On Saturday, about an hour after her adventure, Princess was calm and munching on leaves outside a home on Lincoln Drive. But earlier eyewitnesses say she was out of control.

After being startled, she broke free from her owner on the 200 block of Hansberry. She bolted down the road, crashing into a car a few blocks away.

Leon Stover of Germantown tells Action News, "I heard this loud thump... boom... and I see the horse rolling off the car running up Green Street."

A brother and sister who were in the car were treated at a local hospital. Their car is mangled, but their health is largely intact.

Princess kept going. Her owner chased after her in his car.

An off duty officer finally corralled Princess some 10 blocks from here home, but not before running into at least one other car and almost hitting several people.

Princess's owner surrendered her to the PSPCA in order for the horse to receive medical treatment. Princess will be available for adoption once she recovers from her injuries.