Police targeting Expressway speeders

May 14, 2008 3:47:48 PM PDT
Memorial Day is fast approaching, and state police are intent on getting speeders off the Atlantic City Expressway.Nearly 67 million motorists use the Atlantic City Expressway each year and most, it seems, exceed the speed limit.

Now, in addition to radar, state police are using a new tool to target speeders.

Message signs warn motorists to obey the speed limit because troopers are using lasers.

The laser gun lets troopers zero in on one vehicle helping to build a better court case. Police down the road are alerted with a very specific description.

The speed limit on most of the expressway is 65 and 55 closer to Atlantic City, but it's routinely ignored.

Another serious concern is the safety of toll takers who are under assault by people exceeding the 15 mile per hour limit in E-ZPass lanes; one car was clocked at 49.

Motorists also speed through the 45 mile per hour E-ZPass express lanes

The lasers cost $5,000 a piece and there are two in use on the A.C. expressway. They have been used for some time on the Garden State Parkway and NJ Turnpike.