What is Storm Tracker 6 Live 3-D?

Dateline article| David Murphy|

Storm Tracker 6 Live 3-D is a powerful storm tracking tool that gives Action News viewers an exclusive three-dimensional look at severe weather, as it's happening. ST6-3D produces easy-to-understand severe storm markers that appear as yellow rotating cylinders, indicating dangerous twisting winds in the atmosphere that signal the presence of a potentially dangerous storm. The shorter the cylinder, the closer to the ground those winds are located. With the help of the Action News Weather Team, viewers can easily see where in the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys severe storms are brewing and whether trouble is headed toward their neighborhoods.

What's more, ST6-3D also analyzes four radar levels of data on its own and runs its own computer algorithms, meaning that it often generates severe storm markers sooner than other radars. ST6-3D also makes use of a national network or radars, as well as our own Storm Tracker 6 Live HD radar in Warminster, PA, providing the most up to date satellite and radar imagery available.

---David Murphy

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