Carrie Underwood's stress reliever

May 27, 2008 10:30:11 AM PDT
Carrie Underwood says as she's gotten older she's become something her mother never would have thought, a clean freak. Underwood says "I was the messiest child in the world." But she says once she gets off the road and back home she hits the cleaning products. Underwood says, "When I get home there's a thick layer of dust over everything." Plus, it's a stress reliever. She says, "I blow off some steam by cleaning."

Underwood needs stress relievers because she takes her job so seriously. That's right, she treats songwriting like a job. She says she has to block time off to do it.

She says writing is usually her sole mission for the day. She says, "I go in. I have fun for a few hours and a couple of songs come out of it." And forget about writing while she's on the road. She says, "I would find it impossible because there is so much going on."

Underwood says she doesn't want her writing to suffer because she's multitasking. Underwood recently took home her second consecutive female vocalist trophy at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas.