Montco bear caught

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May 30, 2008 8:17:53 PM PDT
A bear that got away from game officials despite being tranquilized Thursday was captured Friday in New Hanover, Montgomery County. State game officials say the bear was caught without incident near Lee Road.

The previous day, Bonnie Grainger and her husband George spotted the bear outside their home in New Hanover.

"He was so cute," Bonnie Grainger said.

"I thought there was a dog in my trash can but it was a bear, " added George Grainger.

Besides knocking over a trash can and a bird feeder, the bear has been pretty unassuming. The Grainger's close encounter didn't scare them one bit.

"It was crazy. He was so unafraid and congenial and eating sunflowers, acting like it was no big deal, said Amy Dumbrowski, the Grainger's daughter.

But the bear wore out his welcome. The Pennsylvania Game Commission arrived this afternoon and tranquilized it.

Still, the animal managed to get away, and officers lost sight of it.

The Game Commission says we're seeing these bears because around this time female bears shoo away the juvenile bears and send them on their own so they can care for their new cubs.