Wizard World survival guide!

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June 2, 2008 11:57:05 AM PDT
It's Wizard World and it sure does feel like it!So, you have decided to go where no man has gone before, eh? Well, that is fine, but that place is certainly not Wizard World Philadelphia, because 30,000 people packed this event last year and more are expected this year.

However, if you do decide to go where 30,000 have gone before, Wizard World, it is strongly suggested to plan a survival guide.

For you see, you may have the original plan of going, picking up a few comics, getting some autographs with top writers and artists, having your picture taken with wrestling superstars and television celebrities, but be warned, distractions ensue.

As Wizard World fan Tom Coombs put it to 6abc.com, "It's more unique than any other convention, I've ever been to."

Here are some tips to survive this unique experience:

1. The giant hulk in the entrance at the Marvel section is a big distraction, not to mention the hulk himself Lou Ferrigno, but there are many more, so plan ample time.

2. You will probably stop and look at some of your fellow attendees' costumes (and compare them to yours), but don't observe too long.

3. You must remember time is of the essence. Always check the times of autograph sessions and panel discussions.

4. The guide you receive at the entrance is strongly advised to be carried with you at all times or you might fall into a boom tube.

5. Buy a pretzel. They are tasty.

6. Be careful when trying to outwit the person in front of you to get the J.G. Jones' autograph. He or she might just know a little more and you will be bummed the rest of the day.

7. Whenever you get lost, find the Wizard booth, it is the North Star in this indoor galaxy...or world.

8. Try Dance, Dance Revolution once. You know you want to.

9. Buy at least one #1 issue and a make it a special day.

10. And remember to have fun.

"It's a great place to meet fellow comic fans, you get to meet creators, it's fun getting stuff signed, and a great place to shop for rare collectibles," comic fan Greg Calucci said on his way to enter the convention.

Hopefully, he read this survival guide!

Saturday: 10:00-6:00PM
Sunday: 11-5:00PM

You can purchase tickets, $25 for adults per day, at the Convention Center and more information can be found at http://www.wizardworld.com