Disposable phone numbers

June 5, 2008 3:34:23 PM PDT
Action News has found a number of ways you can protect your personal digits and still stay in touch. These disposable phone numbers might be especially good for you if you buy or sell items online, if you're a small business owner, or a single on the dating scene.

A Vumber is a virtual phone number you choose an area code the company then assigns you your own unique number. You can then link that number to your home, cell, or work phone and control how you handle calls. You can set up your Vumber to ring to whatever landline or cell phone you choose or go straight to your VumberMail, a private voice mailbox. You can also set it up so callers automatically get a busy signal, are told the number is out of service, or hear a custom message you create. The idea is to provide you with privacy protection whether you use the number when listing a classified ad or whether you give it to potential dates.

Right now Vumber is offering the first month free after that, it's $4.99 a month. You can change your Vumber for free the first three times each subsequent switch will cost you $1.99.

You can also use your Vumber to call out, in other words, recipients will see your Vumber on their Caller I-D, not your real phone number.

Tossable Digits is another company offering private, disposable numbers. You can try this service for one month for just a dollar after that, there are a number of different pricing plans.

How much you pay depends on how many minutes you use a month. For instance, for 60-minutes of talk time on your Tossable Digits you'll pay $6.99 a month.

Tired of having a cell phone, a landline home phone, and a work phone? GrandCentral will give you one phone number that rings all your phones!

You can keep the number for life since the numbers tied to you not a phone or a location. And with GrandCentral, you can choose which of your phones ring depending on the caller!

GrandCentral also lets you screen callers. You can listen as they're leaving you a voicemail and pick up at any time.

GrandCentral is inviting a limited number of users to test its service.