Comm. Ramsey makes arrest in bank

June 6, 2008 3:55:54 PM PDT
He is Philadelphia's top cop, and now comes word that Commissioner Charles Ramsey has also played the role of arresting officer. Commissioner Ramsey made it clear this week his workdays aren't filled sitting behind a desk.

On Wednesday, he personally made an arrest at a Bank of America.

The call went out over police radio around 1 p.m. on Wednesday.

Two individuals were trying to cash a phony check written out for about $4,900.

Commissioner Ramsey and his driver, Officer Christopher Frazier ,were near the bank at 17 th and John F. Kennedy after just leaving a downtown meeting.

The commissioner stopped the individual female, some words were exchanged, other 9th District officers arrived, and the female was arrested," Sgt. Raymond Evers said.

Police say the female is 23-year-old Willie Mae Taylor and the other individual was questioned and released.

Sgt. Evers said this is not the first Commissioner Ramsey has responded to a job, it may just be the first time it made the news.

Evers said the Commissioner is out on the streets all the time.

As for Taylor, she is facing theft and related charges.