Tech Savvy Resumes

June 12, 2008 7:15:52 AM PDT
The current state of the economy isn't exactly conducive for job hunting. The pool of job candidates is bigger and the pool of available positions is smaller, so many people are using tools on the internet to make their resumes stand out. Wanda Woodward has been on the job hunt since March and has sent out over 150 resumes!

"It's a supply side definitely there are a lot of people looking for jobs," said Woodward.

With over twenty years of experience in human resource management she knows she needs to spice up her resume to make it stand out to potential employers.

"I'm finding that the bar is definitely raised," she added.

So, Wanda added a "voice introduction" to her resume.

"This is a way of conveying that pitch online in a very easy to use fashion," said Joe Stubblebine.

Locally based just started offering the service to its users a few months ago.

Company president Joe Stubblebine says the voice introduction resume gives job seekers a competitive edge in a slumping job market.

The service is easy to use. Instead of a traditional cover letter, you record a 60 second message via telephone, telling potential employers about yourself. then attaches the recording to your traditional resume and its all posted on the website.

"Instead of just having a myspace or posting a video on youtube and hoping someone finds it here's a professional realm for you," said Nick Murphy president of caters to the social networking crowd by allowing job candidates to create a professional portfolio style web page.

"You can upload videos, upload documents, testimonials," Murphy added.

Company founder Nick Murphy says gives job hunters the opportunity to sculpt that very important first impression.

"It takes here's this person and a name and this is what they've done to oh, here they are," he said. then allows you link and send your page to as many contacts as you choose. The best part? Workblast is free for jobseekers!! is taking interviewing to a high tech level.

The company works with employers, by helping them save money on screening job candidates through video interviews.

The site works by having candidates answer a series of questions sent in by the employer. The candidate gets to look at the question then provide a two minute answer. As a recruiter, Diane O'Brien says differentiates her candidates from the general hiring pool. "Instead of a paper resume it's putting your face in front of a hiring manager," said O'Brien.


1. Make sure your resume contains no spelling errors and is grammatically correct. Have a friend or industry professional proofread it.
2. Don't apply to jobs you aren't qualified for - be sure to specify exactly how you are qualified in your email cover letter or resume objective.
3. Remember that job search is self sales. If you don't push your product, then you won't get the sale.
4. If you are out of work, devote 2 hours every day to job search. Treat it like a part time job - apply to 10 jobs every day. Set up online alerts to keep your email box full of job prospects.
5. Submit your resume online both through the job board and the company web site.
6. Fax your resume to the hiring manager - the fax gets placed on the chair of the hiring manager, and you rise to the top of the pile.
7. Pick up the phone and follow up - people hire people, not resumes. Call and express your interest in the company and your desire to come in for the interview.
8. Put your resume in as many places as possible. Job fairs,,,,, etc. - the more places you're at, the better the chance you'll be found.
9. Always overdress for an interview and show up 10 minutes early. The first 15 minutes of the interview is when the best impression is made.
10. Network, network, network. Join user groups, networking events, seminars - talk to as many people as you can and ask if their company is hiring.