65 days of hiccups ends!

June 20, 2008 8:25:17 PM PDT
An 11-year-old girl with chronic hiccups had tried everything to get rid of them. Something surprising apparently scared them out of her.

After 65 days, a girl in Iowa is finally finished with her hiccups - maybe.

"It started April 1st, we were in English. And at first, it was no big deal. But then after a couple of weeks, we started getting worried," says 11-year-old Erica Swanger of Missouri Valley, Iowa. She hiccuped around-the-clock for more than 2 months.

She tried every home remedy, plus contraptions like this cup. But the annoying hiccups continued.

Even her family doctor was stumped.

Erica said at first there was some pain from the hiccups, but she got used to it.

Her mom offered to take Erica to a hypnotist, but on the day of the appointment, the hiccups mysteriously stopped.

Hypnotist Jeannette Laitner says the thought of that trip might have jolted Erica's subconscious.

She says, "You know, it might have started out physical, but then eventually, it ended up being subconscious."

Erica's mother says so far, the hiccups haven't returned.