Right Now on the Net

June 18, 2008 8:41:34 PM PDT
Soak up trivial facts, run like never before, follow an artist's tour, and see the local answer to eBay. Cogntative Curiosities

Are you a knowledge junkie? If you are eager to soak up useful and useless information for the sake of conversation or your own amusement...there's a website out there willing to feed your cognitive curiosities.

The Brady's may have successfully made the perm popular, but their variety show was a flop. If you go to mindfloss.com it will tell you the three other variety shows that failed to find an audience The website illuminates abstract avenues of information you never knew and probably will never need to know like the 10 most expensive movies ever. So it's not exactly cliff notes for an ivy league education but it can be helpful for conversation starters.

LINK: http://www.mindfloss.com

Runner's Bible

We all know running is a great cardio workout, but if you want to take that fitness to the next level, log onto halhigdon.com. Hal Higdon is the longest standing contributor to Runner's world and is now providing an online resource so runners can find more competitive and more challenging races. It also provides training programs for anything from a 5k to an Ultra marathon.

LINK: http://www.halhigdon.com

Concert finds

If you're more into jazz than jogging, beethere.net allows you to track your favorite musical artists through more than 800 cities so you'll know when they're performing in your town. You can upload artists names from your iTunes library to beethere.net and the site will send you email alerts when the singer or band makes a visit.

LINK: http://www.beethere.net

Young Genius If you ever wondered who the next big billionaire CEO will be, Zachary Gosling may be him. Yes, he's only 16, but for the past two years he's been building his own mini empire, born from his frustration of another empire. At 14, Zachary Gosling of Lancaster was buying and selling on eBay and became fed up with the fees.

Zachary Gosling founder of gozbay.com told Action News, "eBay's fees were taking 15 to 20 percent of every car I was selling on eBay so there needed to be an alternative."

So Gosling launched gozbay.com. It's an auction site that has no fees, but all the items you may find on eBay. Gosling has spent the last two years working on the site. Right now there are 1,300 auctions going on and more than a thousand users. Gosling said "Everything you could think of you could probably find on there."

Gosling says he's making enough money in order to keep the site going, but adds he may eventually have to charge a small fee for users. But Gosling says the first 2,000 users will be able to use the site for free for life because these people will be the foundation of the site

LINK: http://www.gozbay.com