NJ gas station sweep

June 20, 2008 3:32:16 PM PDT
An inspection across the state of New Jersey shows you have a one in three chance of getting ripped off whenever you fill up your car. "At one gas station, he told me, since I was paying by credit card, now, they're charging an extra 50 cents," Faith Gulotta of West Windsor said.

Complaints like Faith's are what prompted the sweep of gas stations around New Jersey. In all 21 counties, Weights and Measures inspectors checked the pumps at over 1,000 stations, more than a third, had violations.

Some like the Citgo on Laurel Road in Lindenwold, Camden County are being cited for changing prices more than once a day. Others charged premium prices for lower octane fuel.

"We cannot change the gas prices in the state, but what we can do is make sure gas station owners and operators are being honest with consumers and consumers are getting a fair deal," New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram said.

The Shell on Route 38 in Maple Shade was one of over 50 ticketed in Burlington County cited for road signs that didn't match the price charged at the pump.

Inspectors from Mercer County were checking every pump at a Lukoil station on Route 1. They routinely look at octane levels and use a special truck to measure if you're getting what you pay for.