Over 200 displaced in complex evacuation

June 22, 2008 7:59:41 PM PDT
Sunday night L&I investigators told Action News they've contacted the owner, who denies he had anything to do with the building's squalor. A court hearing concerning the building could be held this week, as soon as the city decides who is responsible for the deplorable conditions.

Licenses and Inspections Department officials shut down the Lindley Court Apartments Saturday afternoon right after inspectors toured the building.

The complex is located in the 1300 block of Lindley Avenue.

Over 200 residents have been displaced. They're now scrambling to find other shelter.

L&I says the complex has been without water for three days - apparently because thieves stole 35-feet of copper piping from inside the building. The management company and the owner of the building have allegedly been doing little to fix it.

Standing water in the basement has made the smell inside the Lindley Court Apartments unbearable. Trash has been piling up for days, and L&I says most of the complex has no working smoke alarms.

L&I moved in after receiving several complaints. The department says the complex is managed by LLC Limited.

The Salvation Army has been feeding displaced residents, and the Red Cross tells Action News those affected will be put up in area hotels, at least for the next three days. But for some, it shouldn't have come to this.

The deputy commissioner of L&I tells Action News the owner of the complex has been in the courts before for previous violations. He was supposed to be fixing the problems. L&I said they're going to get the owner back in the courts early next week to get these problems fixed.

It should take several days for improvements to be made before residents can move back into the building.