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"Everyone's 'Next Best Friend'

It's not uncommon to encounter an aspiring songwriter, guitar in hand, trying to make a life for him or herself through music. But coursing through the veins of the music industry are a select group of musicians with distinct soul, and a desire to simply share their passion.

Next Best Friend represents this group in all aspects of their collective persona, whether songwriter Jamie DiCiurcio is playing acoustic, or they are playing together as a full band. Wholly confident but never pompous, sensitive, thoughtful and hilariously sarcastic, are all traits of the band members and this dynamic makes them personable and primed for the spotlight. From birth, members have lived and studied music in all its genres: a childhood saturated with Sinatra records has shaped DiCiurcio's penchant for honest lyrics and introduced him to the sincerity of love. The band's exposure to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones instructed Rock and Roll's strength and persuasion; and experiencing Third Eye Blind, Better Than Ezra and Counting Crows fueled the inherent desire to speak of relationships, in all their forms.

The singer and chief songwriter for Next Best Friend, DiCiurcio has been steadily moving through the East Coast, playing songs and having the pleasure of witnessing skeptical strangers evolve into eager fans. With three of the four members originating in suburban Philadelphia, local exposure and incessant lives shows has seen the band develop a loyal, cult-like, home-town following.

The way in which all audiences take to Next Best Friend is astounding: an innate ability to perform just about any song requested from within the belly of an audience is an immense talent in and of itself. The array of moods and styles that sprawl through Next Best Friend's set lists insures that no on-looker will leave a show disappointed. Cover tunes ranging from The Outfield's "Your Love" to Ben E. King's "Stand by Me" grab the audience, and originals like "Yesterday's Roses" keep them where they stand.

Penetrating melodies and wholly engrossing hooks blend expertly, invoking the notion of genuine heart and allegiance in all of Next Best Friend's songs. Bright chord progressions stroll through songs like "The Girls in New York," and the somber, introspective serenade, "Away From You" reveals a raw and honest nature of the band otherwise noted for their charisma and wit. The intense, complex harmonies and energy of "There is Life Here" balance the emotion of Next Best Friend's set with sheer musical force. The band's sound has been compared to those of Matchbox 20 and The Fray, the latter being especially prevalent when DiCiurcio takes a seat in front of a piano. Next Best Friend is a band playing for all the right reasons and, very simply, is an experience not to be missed."

Please enjoy the performance video from his show at The General Lafayette Inn

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