Triplets enroll in the Marines

June 24, 2008 6:17:44 AM PDT
The Marines are getting a few good triplets.

Andrew, Sam and Elizabeth Foltz may have disagreed now and then growing up, but they're taking the same post-high school path - enrolling in the U.S. Marine Corps.

"I think it's wonderful they are taking the bull by the horns and making decisions for their lives," their mother, Denise Vaughan, told the Cadillac News during the triplets' graduation party Sunday. "I think it takes a lot of guts."

The siblings made their decisions separately - Andrew first. He left for basic training after the party and plans to attend Western Michigan University this fall. After receiving his degree in aviation and flight science, he will spend two years in active duty. His goal is to become a pilot.

After his brother enlisted, Sam visited a Marine recruiter. He heads to San Diego for basic training in August, to be followed by four years of active duty and two years in the reserves.

Unlike her brothers, Elizabeth was a late convert to the idea of military service. She joined Andrew and Sam at pre-boot camp workouts, then chatted with the recruiter herself.

"Everyone is hassling me - saying I just joined because my brothers joined," she said. "But I like challenging myself in a new adventure."

Elizabeth will attend community college and play volleyball for one semester before leaving for basic training.

"The good part is that we will all go through this together," she said.