Victims ID'd in deadly crash

June 30, 2008 4:32:49 AM PDT
Police say the boys were flying down a notorious stretch of Burke Road. It has claimed others before. And last night, two more lives. The tears flowed freely at the scene of the crash today.

They cried for 16 year old Mike Melson, and 17 year old Casey Russo.

The boys had just dropped off two girls at their homes at just before 11 last night Mike was at the wheel and police say it appears he was speeding when he lost control of the Chevy Blazer.

It sheared off a utility pole and rolled over several times.

Both boys were pronounced dead at the scene.

Alyssa Fedor of West Chester was a classmate. "I think it's a really tragic thing that happened to the two worst people it could happen to. Both were amzing people and they'll be missed by everyone Mike's father and other relatives were drawn to the crash site to see for themselves.

Robert Melson says Mike was a daredevil thrill seeker who loved to push the limit.

His friends from Henderson High School say Mike was famous for his back flips, off any high object he could climb.

They say he loved life and lived it flat out.

Now, he and his best friend Casey are gone too soon.

Alex Coombe of West Chester said, "Casey could always put a smile on your face, no matter what the situation."

"He was just friends with everyone," said Taryn Sidebottom of West Chester. "Everyone loved Casey. He could put a smile on your face. He lit up a room. It's going to be really hard being in our school."

Police say Mike had just gotten his drivers license this month.

They say the boys might have had a chance if they had been buckled in.

Sgt. Martin Malloy of the West Whitleland Township Police Department said, "No air bags, all they had were the three point seats belts. It doesn't appear they were being used.

Police say they see a lot of teenagers involved in accidents during the first few weeks after school lets out. They are hoping that what happened here is a sobering wake up call.