Family honors firefighter saviors

June 25, 2008 4:31:44 PM PDT
In Philadelphia today, they honored the firefighters who saved a three-year-old boy and his dad from their burning home in Frankford.Three-year-old Kevin Wilson's family awarded firefighters with plaques and thanks for saving his and his dad's life when fire roared through their Frankford home in March.

The rescue began when off duty firefighter Lt. James Babst, enroute to work, stopped and without protective equipment, rushed in to help.

"His dedication to his job and to people makes him an extra special person extraordinary," Kevin Wilson Jr. said.

When Babst was overcome by smoke, arriving firefighters pulled all three to safety. Babst returned to work the next day. Kevin Senior and Junior suffered from smoke inhalation and severe burns, but were alive because of fire fighters who risked their lives to save theirs.

"They did a great job in saving my family and again we just thank you all for giving us one more chance at life," Rhonda Wright, Kevin Jr.'s mother, said.

Father and son have been through a number of skin grafts and have more to go in the future. While they're not easy, Kevin Senior is just glad that he and his little boy are both here.

Breathing problems sent little Kevin to the hospital last week; his mom says he's afraid of fire, but, otherwise, is his racecar loving, Power Ranger driven, 3-year-old self.

Seeing little Kevin and his dad doing well make today's gesture of thanks something these firefighters will never forget.