Camden little leaguers play at the White House

June 30, 2008 5:43:19 PM PDT
13 kids from Camden's Cramer Hill section played in the 18th Little League game on the south lawn of the white house. Bright and early, the Red Sox of Cramer Hill came ready to roll to Washington D.C. to the white house to meet the president.

Little league selected the five and six year olds, 12 boys and one girl, because of the team's dedication and ability to overcome adversity to play ball.

Pete Perez said he couldn't sleep because he was thinking so much about making sure the team did the city and the state proud. Excited parent Jenise Santos told Action News "I can't wait, everybody takes the class trip to Washington D.C., but who gets to go to the white house and play on the grass?"

More than 90 people boarded the buses from Camden. Destination: Pennsylvania Avenue.

A few hours later they were in the presence of the president on the white house lawn!

The Cramer Hill Red Sox teed it up against their opponents in blue, the Little Angels of Puerto Rico, with the President and First Lady looking on. They may be small but did their best to impress.

In the one inning they played, every kid got a chance to get a hit.

Afterward, they posed for pictures with the president. It was an afternoon of baseball they will never forget.

Coach Luis Nezo said they've been keeping a scrapbook for the kids so they will have a memento and hopefully remember this day forever.