Girl attacked: Dog bites her attacker

June 30, 2008 4:33:29 PM PDT
Jessica McMahon and her dog Princess resumed their regular summer walks, 72 hours after she was attacked by a stranger. Princess, who's half Lab retriever and half German shepherd, reacted by taking a bite out of crime. It was Friday afternoon, very near Jessica's home when she says the man suddenly appeared from behind a tree near an unoccupied white house.

"When he popped out, my dog got scared and started to run this way, so I ran with her towards my house," Jessica told Action News.

Jessica and Princess ran to her front yard with the attacker in pursuit. He eventually went for Jessica's neck, maybe for her jewelry, maybe for her. It's unclear. Jessica says he never uttered a word.

"The guy caught up really fast and then when he touched my necklace and ripped it off, that's when my dog didn't like it and bit him on the leg," she said.

Cherry Hill police were called and responded quickly but there's been no sign of the assailant, described as middle-aged, wearing all black except for a brown hat and tan boots. Jessica's family, which includes her father, mother, and 2 siblings, considers the vocal Princess a true heroine, but they remain rattled by the incident.

"The kids can't sleep at night," Jessica's father Andrew told us. "They've been in our bed the last couple of nights. Mommy's downstairs in the middle of the night and I'm up walking around, it's scary."